Thursday, March 21, 2013

Roses and Succulents.

I got to do a fun arrangement today for our local Herb Society.
They decided to give me the honors to make an arrangement for their Yearly Herbal Forum this weekend.
I was thrilled to do it and very excited with the outcome.
The silver flowers are Hens and Chicks, they are apart of the succulent family and every leaf if broken off can become a plant.  A customer gave me 2 big pots of them last year and boy, am I enjoying the benefits.  The big reddish orange roses are named Cherry Brandy.  The lavender flowers are scabiosa or pin cushion flower and the purple ones are Veronica.  There are green mini hydrangea, red spray roses and red ranunculus mixed in too.  The greenery is plamosa or lace fern as the older generation has told me and leather leaf as well as gun-eye eucalyptus which has a silvery green round leaf. 
Enjoy your weekend, Heidi