Everyday Flowers

 Pink & Violet Spring Vase

 Roses & Thistle Vase

 Happiness Bouquet

 Wildflower Fields Vase

Forever Wild Vase

Red, White and Purple Mix

                                                         Summer in a Mason Jar

Coral Roses with Sunflowers and Hydrangea Mix

                            Peach David Austin rose Mix 

Yellow Lilly Mix

 Plush Animal & Hand Tied Bouquet in Cello for Birthday or any Special Occasion.

Cherry Brandy Roses and Hens and Chicks

Christmas Lilly Mix

White Kale with Pink Roses and Snapdragons mix

                                                                    Pink and Green with Sea Oats

Artichokes and Kale

Lavender and Yellow

Red White and Blue

                                                  Yellow Roses & Blue Thistle

                                                                    Hot Summer Mix

                                                         Jewel Tone Arrangement

Fall Altar Arrangement

                                                                   Fall Mix

                                                       Burgundy and pink Mix

                                                          Citrus Colored Bouquet

                                                 Citrus Colored Altar Flowers

                                                                Romeo with Fall Vase

                                                     Yellow and Green Mix

                                                                 Hot Summer Colors

                            Blue Thistle and Pink Rose Urn Arrangement


                                          Sweet Peas & Pink Roses Spring Mix

                                         Pink Roses & Sweet Pea Spring Mix


                                                   Pink Lilly and Maroon Mix

                                                          Romantic White Lilly Mix

                                                           Spring Fern Arrangement

                                                                            Fall Basket

                                                               Ring of Fire Sunflowers


                                                             Blue Delphinium

                                                                         Maroon Lilly

                                                               Spring Altar Arrangement

                                                                  Orange Lilly Mix

                                                                 Silk Cemetery Arrangements

                                                              Welcome Bouquet

                                                                         Rainbow Cubes


                                                       Orange Pincushion Mix

                                        Green Trick  with Allium and Dahlias                    

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